It’s not every day that an awesome Canadian brand that you respect and admire approaches you because they want to do a feature. So, when Peace Collective contacted me and said they thought that it was pretty cool that I was both a lawyer and a blogger at the same time and they wanted to write an article called “10,000 Hours” about me, I was actually beside myself! Sit down to interview me about my life and career…what? Photo shoot, mood board for my story – whaaatt?! Is this even real life?

I have been proudly working with Peace Collective since about March of this year as a brand ambassador, not only because I get to promote cool shirts and merchandise on my Instagram account, but also because of the great things that this brand represents and does for the community. They donate a portion of every purchase to Breakfast for Learning to help eliminate child hunger and they organize monthly charitable initiatives for their team and brand ambassadors, to name a couple. Most importantly, they are all about encouraging Canadians to chase their passions, whatever those may be.

It’s not always easy to chase after your passions, especially when your professional job is demanding and on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. That’s what my story is about. Everyone has a unique story of their own. No matter what your story, if you really want and are passionate about something, make time and work hard for it!

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Thank you so much to Peace Collective for featuring me and my story. It means so much to be recognized for my work as a professional and a creative.

Read the full article on Peace Collective’s website here. You can also find it on their Facebook page and my Facebook page.

All photos by the amazing and super talented Alen Palander (@alenpalander) and special thanks to John Molina and Sarah Eskandarpour for this feature!