Blow drying my hair with the Dyson Supersonic

I can’t believe the holidays are right around the corner! I’m not sure about you guys, but the party invites have already started filling my inbox! Since we all want to look our best during the holiday season, I think it’s a great time to show our hair a little extra love. If you read my post on anti-aging, you’ll have seen that taking care of our hair is one major way we can keep ourselves looking younger. In this post, I want to expand on hair care and share my 4 simple tips for healthy hair.

These are the tips and tricks that I swear by, and how I’ve managed to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny, despite the amount of heat I apply to my hair. I’m also sharing a really easy hairstyle anyone can do for the holidays at the end of this post. So keep reading!

4 Simple Tips for Healthy Hair

1. Cut Your Hair Regularly

Truthfully, this is a habit that took me a while to adopt because, believe it or not, I never used to want to spend money on cutting my hair. You may remember, earlier this year, I wrote a post explaining that my eyes were finally opened up to the benefits of having a regular hair salon. Ever since then, I’ve noticed such a difference in my hair and I’ve been getting so many more compliments on it too! Cutting your hair frequently (every 8 to 12 weeks) keeps your hair healthy by getting rid of split ends. Trimming off those split ends reduces hair breakage, which is what causes hair to look thinner at the ends and shorter. So, you’ll not only benefit from healthier hair if you trim regularly, but your hair will appear longer too!

2. Reduce Your Blow Drying Time and Invest in a Good Quality Blow Dryer

Blow drying my hair with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

We all know the damage that heating and hairstyling tools can do to our hair. They strip the moisture out and can lead to breakage very fast. But, if you’re anything like me, you can’t let go of these heating tools. My hair can’t decide if it wants to be straight or wavy, so I rely on my blow dryer and other styling tools to tame it!

You will probably cringe reading this, but I actually had my Conair blow dryer for over 15 years before I finally got rid of it! Yes, 15 years!!! It was cheap, it was loud, it would take forever, but it eventually got the job done. I have no clue what I was thinking for all of those years because when I finally discovered the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, it was like hearing angels sing!

Flatlay of Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Sitting on my bed comfortably blow drying my hair

The Dyson Supersonic is the secret weapon in my haircare arsenal! I’ve been a long-time Dyson fan and believe their products have the best technology on the market. The Dyson Supersonic has cut my blow dry time by more than half, which means I’m applying much less heat to my hair.

4 1/2 minutes, guys! That’s all it takes now to blow dry my hair – crazy!

Blow drying my hair with my Dyson Supersonic for healthy hair Shot from behind the mirror using Dyson Supersonic for healthy hair

The Dyson Supersonic has a super powerful digital motor and strong airflow (and, I mean, strooong). But at the same time, it’s lightweight, quiet, and has a more comfortable grip, since its motor is in the handle rather than at the top. It has a built-in heat protector, measuring air temperature 20 times a second, which helps to prevents heat damage and helps to protect the natural shine in the hair. It also has 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings, for much greater control.

In my bedroom using my Dyson Supersonic

3. Use a Heat Protector

If you don’t have a Dyson Supersonic (which I highly recommend that you get), or even if you do, it’s always a good idea to use a heat protector on your hair to prevent it from the damage that heat can naturally cause over time. This is especially applicable to people like me who apply heat to their hair almost every day! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a heat protector either – there are many good quality products available at your local drugstore.

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Washing your hair too often strips your hair of its natural oils. I used to wash my hair every other day and it almost felt like a vicious cycle that I couldn’t break out of until I started using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is your friend, but not all are created equal! Do your research and test out different products to find the dry shampoo that works best for you.

So, that’s pretty much it – my 4 really simple tips for healthy hair!

Another thing I like to try to keep simple is my hair style. I’m not very good at braiding my own hair, and I usually rotate between putting my hair in a top knot and leaving it down with curls or waves.

I picked up this Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel silver fan pin, which adds a cute embellishment to a tousled high ponytail. Absolutely anybody can achieve this hairstyle, which, for hair styling-challenged people like me, is a bonus! After roughly blow drying my hair with my Dyson Supersonic, I loosely grabbed my hair and put it into a high ponytail. I then inserted the fan pin right at the top of the pony!

Hope you guys liked my 4 simple tips for healthy hair and my easy holiday hairstyle! What are some other tips you have for keeping your hair healthy? Let me know in the comments below!


*This post was done in partnership with Dyson, but as always, all opinions are thoroughly my own.