If you read my last blog post, you’d know that time management is my biggest problem, and the conclusion that I arrived at was that I have to start making some changes. While cutting some things out of my life is in order, blogging isn’t one of those things. In fact, I want to make the adjustments that are necessary in order to give my full-time job, blogging, wedding planning and relationship the attention they all deserve. Learning to say no and to only take on projects and engagements that are worthwhile are part of that process.

Another important change is to de-clutter my life wherever possible. It’s not rocket science to come to the realization that if we have too much clutter in our lives, we can’t be productive. And I don’t just mean clutter in the physical sense; I am also talking about digital clutter – notifications, both audible and visible, that we are constantly receiving on our phones and computers. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person who always has to clear a notification (otherwise, it just feels like something on my to-do list). I like to keep my inbox as minimal as possible and I actually HATE that little red circle at the top right-hand corner of my apps telling me how many unread things I have. I recently left my family group chat on WhatsApp for this reason. Every day, there were about 1,456,798,098 notifications and about 99.9% of them were not relevant to me. Although I felt bad for dissing my family, it was necessary in order to get rid of that urge to check, and consequently, get distracted from the task at hand. (Family: if you’re reading this, I hope you understand and I love you).

With respect to my actual blog, the first change has been the redesign of my website and new blog layout (which isn’t related to time management, but is related to giving my blog more attention)! Believe it or not, something as simple and trivial as my dislike for my blog layout made me reluctant to direct traffic there, and also made me less enthusiastic about posting. Now that I’ve streamlined my blog and am happy with its appearance, I feel confident and excited to post more content! A HUGE thank you goes out to my fiancé, Alex, who has spent countless hours helping me find a new host, export my domain and blog posts, choose a layout, and work through all of the kinds with transitioning to the new site. Maintaining a blog is truly a labour of love, and I think any blogger would tell you that it’s your passion and creativity that really fuel you and keep you going, even through all of the time management issues. So, with the redesign of my blog and de-cluttering of my life, I hope to become as productive as I can be and put my best foot and content forward!

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What are some important changes you’ve made in your life and how have they helped you? I’m also looking for more suggestions on ways to deal with time management issues. Btw, what do you think of the new layout? Leave me a note below to let me know!