I have a little confession to make… workwear is the part of my wardrobe that I basically neglect. I would go to the office in pyjamas, if I could. I like to be super comfy when I’m working (I even sit cross-legged on my chair); and although it’s attractive to see a woman in a power suit, let’s face it, business attire is uncomfortable. If someone can find me a blazer that doesn’t feel restrictive when I type, please let me know!

I am normally very minimalist in my dressing, but I am even more so when dressing for the office. Generally, little thought goes into what I wear to work each day, and I tend to mix and match my skirt and trouser staples with my usual sweaters, work blouses, and even shirts I’d wear to a club (since I do like to push the boundaries a bit with my work wardrobe)!

Since I am a lawyer/blogger, it would only seem natural for me to do workwear ootds. But, to be honest, this is a challenge for me because I am not the most creative in my dressing for the office. Till now, I figured I’d just avoid this altogether, but when one of my followers specifically requested workwear, I felt like I couldn’t let her down.

Enter culottes. Totally on-trend and such a great solution for someone like me, who likes to dress a little edgier than the average lawyer and likes to be comfortable when sitting in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day.

The beauty of these cropped trousers is that they can not only be worn with a pair of pumps at the office (lace-up booties might not be appropriate), but they can also be styled in a variety of other ways. When paired with ankle booties, a faux fur jacket, and silver clutch, they were perfect for a standout look at Toronto Fashion Week!

I’ll let you in on another little secret: before I was a blogger, I waited in line for more than 13 hours and pulled an over-nighter at the mall in order to get this Balmain x H&M faux fur jacket and silver clutch! I think it was worth it 😉

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I plan to feature a new series of workwear ootds and hope to post at least one each month, so stay tuned!

For this look, I had a blast shooting with my friend, Aminaz Karim, who kept me laughing in the freezing temps we shot in (did you see the goosebumps?!) and, of course, did a great job with all these shots! Thanks so much, Aminaz!

Also, big shout-out to my girl, Rachelle Joaquin, for giving my wrist some bling! Rachelle’s a fellow professional and creative, and is doing big things with her stylish QUINS wrist-candy! Check her out via Etsy here and via Instagram at @quinsco.

Jacket: Balmain x H&M; Turtleneck: H&M; Culottes: Zara; Booties: Missguided; Clutch: Balmain x H&M; Bracelets: QUINSCo

Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of this look!