Oh fall, everyone’s favourite season! The leaves change colour to beautiful hues of orange and red, the pumpkin spice latte makes its return (not that I care), people indulge on generous portions of turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving, and go overboard with the costumes for Halloween. Autumn also happens to be the season that my birthday, which I celebrated last week, falls in. But, believe it or not, fall is my least favourite time of year. Why, you ask? Well, that’s because fall is the beginning of the end. It’s a signal that winter is right around the corner. Most people would say winter is their least favourite season; but at least with winter, what you see is what you get. Fall is like that girl who is nice to your face and talks about you behind your back, whereas winter is that mean girl who isn’t afraid to be a bitch and lay it all out there on the table, right where you can see it! In the winter, you know what to expect (essentially, months and months of the most dreadful weather), so you brace yourself, bundle up, and deal. But fall, fall is a season full of deceit! Some days start out warm and sunny, but by the end, you freeze your face off. And many days (like the last week, for example) are depressing, gloomy, and wet.

The one saving grace about fall is transitional fashion. I love the layers, the blanket scarves, the ankle booties, the moto jackets, you name it. I love that you can repurpose your summer clothes and get more mileage out of them by adding a leather jacket or a sweater over top (or in the case of my favourite slip dress, a turtleneck underneath). In the fall, you can showcase your style and creativity in how you layer your clothes.

Speaking of fall dressing, let’s talk about this Bench Canada shirt dress. I love it for 2 very simple reasons. First of all, shirt dresses (and shift dresses, in general) are the absolute best, if you ask me. They’re loose and can really accommodate any of those extra pounds that I’m not advocating you gain from all the holiday eating. Second, it’s denim (chambray to be exact – there is a difference) and I loooooove the material. I’ve had denim dresses in the past, but I’ve never had one that was a shirt dress, like this – a chambray, shift, shirt dress! Oh, and it’s currently on sale for less than $60 (link below)! So 3 reasons; I lied! I paired it with a lace choker, leather ankle booties, and my favourite leather moto jacket from this season.

Also, can I just say how much Bench Canada continues to impress me?! Every time I go into the store or browse online, I am surprised to see the versatility in their clothing, as I’ve said in the past. Not that I underestimated Bench in the past (okay, maybe I did a little), but I just always assume that all of the clothes will be athletic – which would actually work well, now that athleisure is a thing. When I found this shirt dress, I also picked up a pair of grey skinny jeans, which have quickly become a wardrobe staple.

And, finally, can we just take a minute to talk about how beautiful the Aga Khan park grounds are where I shot this look? I absolutely love shooting here, and if you read my last blog post, you’d know that there’s much more to do at the Aga Khan Museum than check out the exhibits and shoot OOTDs.

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Dress: Bench Canada; Jacket: Mackage; Booties: Zara; Choker: Mèche the Label

How are you guys dressing for fall? What are your favourite summer wardrobe pieces that you’ve transitioned and how?