Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

Are you in the market for a new tablet or laptop? Or are you on the hunt for the perfect new gadget for your loved one this holiday season? Well, allow me to put the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on your radar!

I recently picked up the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 from Best Buy and it’s the latest product in the Microsoft Surface family that I’ve added to my creative professional toolkit! I’ve now been using the Microsoft Surface laptop for about 2 years and I can’t say enough good things about it (you can read my review on that device in this post).

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

A little while ago, I went to a new product launch for Microsoft. I learned about the Surface products released for 2019, including the Surface Pro 7, and I knew I had to have it! (Side-note: I am a huge Microsoft fan and am happy to support the company for many reasons. Microsoft is always so innovative and is a socially responsible company too (as I’ve shared in this post)).

Best Buy is my preferred place to shop for tech products. I usually check the Best Buy website first because the prices are always competitive, it’s user-friendly, and you can order online and have your items delivered as quickly as the following day. Shipping is free for orders that are $35 and over. Or, if you want your items sooner, you can reserve online and pick them up in-store. This is great if you can’t wait to get your hands on your new stuff (haha, like me most times!) – you’ll actually get an email from Best Buy within 20 minutes of your order to confirm your reservation!

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

How the Microsoft Surface Products Help Me

As a creative professional and someone who runs her own small business, it’s important to use tools that allow me to be efficient and effectively get my work done. I pride myself on running a pretty ‘lean operation’. Other than my camera equipment, I can conduct my entire business from a portable device. Since getting the Microsoft Surface laptop 2 years ago, my day-to-day operations have been sped up immensely! Given the nature of my work, being able to work from anywhere is really key. I spend the majority of my time at home, but I also like to work in coffee shops (mainly when I need to escape the chaos in my home!). As a travel blogger, I go on a lot of press trips. While in-destination, I have to keep up with creating, editing, and posting content, plus the day-to-day intake, campaign and project management, and admin. So, the portability of the Microsoft Surface products is one of the most attractive features (I discussed how dynamic the Microsoft Surface products are and how they cater to creative professionals in this post).

Review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Okay, so why a Microsoft Surface laptop and a Microsoft Surface Pro 7? Well, to be honest, it’s been about 2 years and I had an itch to get a new toy. Hey, if a certain company can make us want to upgrade our phones every couple of years, can you really blame me?! Personally, I like having my Microsoft Surface Pro 7 as a complement to my Surface laptop. But, since the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is actually a 2-in-1 laptop, you could in theory use it as a stand-alone laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 in tablet mode

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 in laptop mode

You can see above for an aerial view of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with the keyboard neatly tucked behind to use as a tablet, and then open like a laptop with keyboard attached.

Check out this stop-motion, where I show how easily it converts from laptop to tablet:


If you want the nitty-gritty on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 features and what makes it so great, here’s a quick and dirty list:

  • I mentioned the portability. This one, for me, is huge! Even with the Microsoft Surface Pro keyboard attached, the Surface Pro 7 packs up like a notebook. Heads-up, you do have to purchase the keyboard separately.
  • Weighing only 1.7 lbs, it’s lightweight (the 1st generation Surface laptop that I have weighs 2.76 lbs. and the current generation weighs between 2.76 and 3.4 lbs.).
  • It has a 3-inch PixelSense touchscreen display with a resolution of 2736 x 1824. The display is vibrant, which is especially needed when I edit photos.
  • It has instant on, which uses facial recognition to automatically power up when you open it. This may not sound like a big deal, but trust me when I tell you that 20 or so second time savings makes such a big difference – especially when you’re in a business meeting!
  • The performance is fast and reliable, with a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. It also comes with a 128GB solid state drive, so there’s more than enough room to store important files and folders.
  • It has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 connectivity.
  • It has a 5MP front-facing camera and 8MP rear-facing camera, so you can capture, record, stream, and video conference in full HD 1080p.
  • It can be paired with the Surface Pen and other accessories (like the Surface Arc Mouse and Surface Dial). I use the pen often to jot down notes directly on the device, instead of using paper.
  • It comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Home operating system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

I recently brought the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with me on a little staycation and it was so nice to be able to watch movies, listen to music, and read the news on it in the morning! I love how seamlessly it integrated into my life! I can’t wait to bring it on my next trip with me!

I definitely recommend popping into your nearest Best Buy to test the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 out. When you’re there, grab one of the folks in the bright blue shirts to help you! Or if you need help at any other time, the Geek Squad provides support online, on the phone, or in your home 24/7/365.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

Black Friday is just around the corner and so are the holidays…just sayin’ 😉


Photography by: Laura Clarke Photography

*This post was done in partnership with Best Buy Canada, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.