It’s official – I’m a “Mrs.”!!!

What a whirlwind the last week has been! Alex and I tied the knot last Saturday, July 8th and we couldn’t be any happier! It was such a beautiful day and everything was perfect. I took a break from the blog for two weeks, but now I’m happy to be back! And I’m excited to say that this marks my very first blog post as a married woman!

I can’t wait to share photos from our wedding with you guys soon, including all the big and little details! But first, I wanted to share our romantic chic picnic in the park from a few days ago that we had with a few of our favourite things, including Boursin cheese. There is also a special contest at the end of this blog post, so you’ll want to continue reading!

Boursin and baguettes in bicycle basket

Mini-Moon vs. Honeymoon – What’s Your Take?

Since we took a big trip a couple months before our wedding, Alex and I knew we wanted to wait a while before planning our honeymoon. I’m astonished at how some couples can leave right after their wedding to go on their honeymoon (especially those who leave on the same night!). Trip planning is a lot of work (unless you’re going on an all-inclusive vacay), and I couldn’t even fathom adding another major thing to my to-do list before the wedding!

But, we still wanted to spend some much needed quality time together to decompress after the wedding. So we did the next best thing: played tourist in our own city and had a little ‘mini-moon’ picnic at the park!

Flatlay of picnic essentials including Boursin cheese Perfect chic picnic with Boursin cheese

Our First Mini-Moon: A Romantic Chic Picnic in the Park

Going on a picnic is one of my absolute favourite things to do in the summertime! I love how care-free and relaxed it is, and that no extensive meal prep is necessarily involved. After all the wedding planning, this is exactly what we needed – a day to just go with the flow! We took our bikes and our Boursin insulated picnic basket to the market to grab the essentials: charcuterie, crackers, grapes, baguettes, a couple bottles of rosé, and of course, our Boursin cheese, and then we were on our way!

Strolling through the park on our first mini-moon Strolling with our bike, baguette and Boursin cheese Getting ready to have our chic picnic

Boursin is one of our favourite cheeses. Whenever we entertain, we put out a charcuterie platter and a cheese platter with Boursin on it – it’s usually the star of any cheese platter! Apart from entertaining, there are so many evenings we enjoy Boursin on crackers as a late night snack for the two of us. In fact, Alex sometimes does this on his own and can finish the entire box by himself! I don’t blame him either, because it’s so addictive!

Since we discovered Boursin a few years ago, it’s been a staple in our household. It’s made from 100% Canadian milk and is creamy, but has a texture like no other cheese out there. It’s smooth and spreadable, yet crumbly at the same time. I love the fresh herbs in Boursin, which you get little bites of as you eat the cheese. There’s also something so satisfying about peeling back the foil it’s wrapped in – kind of like peeling the wrapper off a cupcake! My favourite flavours are shallot and chive and garlic & fine herbs. For this picnic, we decided to try out Boursin’s new flavour: bouquet of basil and chive.

Delicious spread including Boursin cheese Perfect afternoon for a picnic with Boursin We always have Boursin when entertaining or going on picnics Perfect chic picnic setting

Although we wanted to keep our food bite-sized and uncomplicated, we still did want to create an atmosphere for our ‘mini-moon’ chic picnic. We wanted to make it feel romantic, and not just like any other picnic. We decided to dress up to make it feel a bit more like our wedding day. I wore my Valentino rock studs, which are actually the same shoes I wore on the big day. Alex wore a bowtie, and I put on my favourite tulle skirt (because I wasn’t going to go so far as to wear my actual wedding dress in the park!).

It was such a lovely and effortlessly elegant day! We hope for this to be the first of many mini-moons before the big honeymoon later this year, and can’t wait to do it again. It was great to slow down, spend quality time and enjoy the finer things – good company, wine, and of course, Boursin cheese. Because, quite simply, that’s exactly what life should be all about.

We hope you enjoy these pictures from our chic picnic and bon appétit!

Feeding each other crackers with Boursin Boursin pairs perfectly with rose wine and baguette bread Twirling in the park wearing tulle skirt with cute bike with basket Cheers for a cute mini-moon in the park Our Boursin insulated picnic basket was great to carry all our food and wine Pure bliss Our picnic spread could not get any better than this Sneaking a kiss behind the Boursin cheese Riding off!

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Photography by: Laura Clarke Photography

*This post was created in partnership with Boursin cheese, but as always, all opinions are my own.