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When Shazam came out, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread! I could be anywhere and hear a song I needed to know the name of, and I could find out at the simple press of a button. As a music lover, this was like pure magic!

You know what else I love besides music? Shopping.

Now there’s an app which is basically the Shazam for mobile shopping, and it’s called Soundpays. Soundpays is a new mobile wallet app, but it’s unlike any other mobile wallet out there. Based in Toronto, it’s Canadian innovation at its finest (yay, Canada!), and I’ll give you a brief rundown of what it’s all about.

Here’s How Soundpays Works

Sitting at the bar while checking out what Soundpays does

Soundpays uses sound wave technology to allow you to make secure purchases right away from your smartphone.

To use it, all you have to do is:

  1. Download the app for free (available in the App Store here and for android on Google Play here)
  2. Allow it to access your phone’s microphone
  3. Connect your credit card, and that’s it!

Set-up literally takes 2 minutes. Then in future, if you’re watching a TV commercial, shopping online or walking by an electronic billboard and you see something you want, open the app, press the green button, and the products will magically appear in your shopping cart!

Using the Soundpays app which makes mobile shopping faster Using Soundpays while drinking champagne at Her Majesty's Pleasure

Phase one of Soundpays has already been rolled out. If you head onto the Showcase page of the Soundpays website, you can see the app in action. There are also deals on the Showcase page available exclusively to Soundpays app users. I just picked up Cards Against Humanity for $28 (which usually retails for about $40 everywhere else). Or if you’re in the market for a virtual reality headset, you can pick one up for less than $30. Once all phases of the app are rolled out, it is going to completely revolutionize the way you do mobile shopping!

Picture of Soundpays app

So convenient that you can use with one hand, while getting a manicure for the other!

Drinking champagne while being amazed by Soundpays

It makes buying so easy, you’ll want to toast to your success with champagne!

All you’ll need is an internet connection and microphone/speaker for the app to work. It’s compatible with video and display advertising, and the goal is for the app to eventually be able to download info transmitted from every single screen or sign, so we can make purchases at our fingertips. Pretty smart (but also pretty dangerous for your bank account), if you ask me!

Close-up picture of the Soundpays app

Unfortunately, the app can’t actually bring you champagne. But maybe they’ll improve that with the next upgrade?

How Soundpays Will Make My Life Easier

Checking out how Soundpays works

Have you ever tried to buy something from your cell phone? It can be a suuuuper painful process, and if the website you’re trying to buy from isn’t mobile-friendly, it can lead to a lot of headaches!

You also can’t always trust that the website you want to buy from is secure. Not to mention the fact that you have to key in all of your credit card and personal information each time. And how many times have you gone through this process, only to click submit at the end and get an error message saying you’ve entered something incorrectly?!

With Soundpays, you set up all of your personal information only once, so it saves you so much time whenever you want to buy. You can also trust that the app is secure. It routes through a secure website that uses IP addresses to match users with payment cards. The network wipes itself clean every 30 seconds and then uses new IP addresses, so hackers have almost no time at all to access the information.

And how many of you out there are impulse buyers, like me? It’s like, whenever I see something I really want, I must have it otherwise I feel like the world is going to end. I become obsessed with buying the item and think that if I don’t act quickly, it will run out of stock everywhere and I’ll never be able to find it ever again! Soundpays obviously solves this problem.

Top down shot of Soundpays app

Soundpays will work at a 20-50 ft. range, and sometimes up to 500 ft., depending on speaker volume

Sound too good to be true?

Well, I’ve used the app and I can tell you that it shaves so much time off making electronic purchases and cuts out so many steps. As mentioned, you can take advantage of the exclusive deals on the Showcase page for now, since Soundpays isn’t yet compatible with all video screens. I’m very excited to see this app’s full capabilities in future!

I recommend that you guys check out Soundpays and test it out for yourselves. For any other questions about Soundpays, visit the website FAQs. They do a pretty good job at addressing most questions.

Let me know what you think of the app and whether it revolutionizes your life!

Happy shopping!

Sitting at Her Majestys Pleasure

Photography by: Laura Clarke Photography

Shot on location at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (with thanks!).

*This blog post done in partnership with Soundpays, but as always, all opinions are my own.