This past weekend, I checked out Scarborough Town Centre (STC)’s newly launched #TASTEMRKT with my fiancé and some friends, including The Stylish Foodie.

I grew up in Scarborough and STC is a mall that I was all too familiar with when I was a kid. I was what you’d call a “mall rat” back then because I’d spend most of my Fridays after school loitering around the mall. So, it was a pretty surreal experience to go back and see what it looks like now. The old food court is long gone and TASTE MRKT is a total (and beautiful) transformation of the space. Phase 1 on the lower level launched on August 11th. It’s home to over 20 food vendors, 8 of which are new to STC. Phase 2 upstairs is scheduled to be complete in May of 2017 and will feature 3 new full-service restaurants in addition to many more food vendors retail stores.

The bright and modern aesthetic of TASTE MRKT is so inviting. You could grab and go, but you’re more likely going to want to stay and get comfy, like we did. With increased seating, lots of booths, and dish and cutlery service, you can have a proper dining experience.

The theme for TASTE MRKT is “Taste the World” and that’s exactly what we did! We couldn’t decide on just one place, so we ordered a bunch of things and ate family-style. We sampled feasted on flavours from around the globe, including Japanese ramen from Wasabi Grill & Noodle, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and baos from Mii Sandwich Company, salads from Cultures, poutine from New York Fries, and kabob plates from Naan & Kabob! We washed it all down with some Real Fruit Bubble Tea. It was my first time trying Afghani food, and so Naan & Kabob was a definite highlight of the meal for me!

And TASTE MRKT isn’t the only new and exciting thing at STC. Zara has moved in and so have Topshop and Michael Kors! Putting Zara, Topshop and lots of great food all in one location is like an open invitation for me! You could say that shopping and eating are right up this gal’s alley 😉

When you’re at STC, don’t forget to check out the new art installation by Kastor & Pollux at centre court. Until August 21st, you can watch the Rio Olympics on the big screens. You can also explore the fun and colourful floor decals, which say “tasty” or “delicious” in different languages. Snap a pic and share on Instagram, tagging @shopstc and using the hashtag #TASTEMRKT, to be entered into a contest to win $500 in STC gift cards!

Overall, it was so good to be back in my old hood and see the exciting changes at my former stomping grounds! Have you experienced the new TASTE MRKT at STC? If so, let me know what you think!