white blazer cape with babaton cohen pants and ever new boots

Hey guys!

Really wanted to get a quick style post up on the blog this week, before I take off on my next adventure!

In terms of a life update, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I got back from Mexico City exactly 1 week ago, and I’m about to embark on yet another trip to sunny Meh-Hee-Co tomorrow!!! Might as well call me an ambassador for Mexico because I’ve been seeing so much of it this month! My first trip was in partnership with the Mexico City Tourism Board with my friend, Solmaz, of The Curious Creature (travel guide about Mexico City coming soon!). The next one will be to the Mayan Riviera in partnership with Air Transat with my husband, Alex. Cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had in Mexico City and how excited I am for our trip to the Mayan Riviera!

white cape babaton cohen trousers feel like i'm changing gears all the time

…But what I’m finding to be a struggle is the frequent change in gears. I am going from traveling to jumping right back into the swing of things, to traveling again, all within a week’s time! When I return next week, it will be another quick switch of the gears to complete my work before the holidays. Okay, so I know I probably sound like a big baby! Traveling for work likely seems like an amazing situation to a lot of you. And it is. (Hashtag first world problems.) I just didn’t plan for everything to be so compressed.

November and December have been the busiest months since starting this journey of blogging full-time (while I’m incredibly thankful for all the opportunities!). I feel all out of whack, and that I’m trying to keep my head above water. For a person who likes to be on top of her shit, like me, it’s a bit of a challenge to deal with. But sometimes chaos and unpredictability are good things, right? If anything, these two months will make me stronger and more resilient…right?!

Anyway, enough of this rant – gonna put my big girl pants on and roll with it! Busy is a good thing; and over the holidays, I’m sure I’ll have a chance to catch my breath (in between stuffing my face with turkey!).

Lieutenant hat from Free People Wearing my white cape and lieutenant hat

So, about this look. Although I left the corporate world a few months ago, I still find myself gravitating towards corporate-looking pieces – blazers, good quality trousers etc. At the same time, I do love a bit of edge. I added this lieutenant hat to make my look more edgy and less ‘corporate’. I had been looking for this all over and finally picked one up at Free People at the Eaton Centre. I’ve linked the pieces I’m wearing and similar styles above.

Love to strut in these boots Corporate with a bit of edge Black velvet boots from Ever New Satchel bag from Poppy & Peonies

So, that’s it for now! You can keep up with my travels on Instagram and by following my IG stories! Will have lots of new content to share with you guys when I’m back, so stay tuned!

Photography by: Laura Clarke Photography