Let’s play a little game – it’s called the “Would you rather game”. Would you rather: have a short, but really cold winter OR a mild, but really long winter (or in our case, a winter that lingers into the spring)?! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m essentially complaining about the current weather in Toronto yet again!

When my Instagram hubby and I shot this look, it was below zero, and we had to keep on running back inside First Canadian Place every 10 minutes in order to warm our hands and feet up!

I purchased this over-sized coat for the transition to spring. But who am I kidding? We only have 2 seasons in Canada – winter and summer. But, I wasn’t going to let the cold stop me from wearing my new acquisition!

Thankfully, you can take a coat like this and layer with other things, add a scarf, or pair with a turtleneck sweater, like I did here, to be a little warmer when needed.

I’ve kept it very minimal (surprise, surprise); and honestly, that’s exactly what’s needed because this is such a statement piece. This coat straddles the line between feminine and masculine, which is probably what I love the most about it. The structure and size make it masculine, while the pretty pastel pink colour makes it totally feminine at the same time. A definite departure from the usual dark tones in my wardrobe!

Coat: Zara (purchase here); Turtleneck: Zara (purchase here); Jeans: ASOS (similar here and here); Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (similar here); Tote: Saint Laurent (purchase here); Booties: Zara (purchase here)

What are some of the transitional pieces in your wardrobe that you’re currently loving?