Well, looks like winter has reared its ugly head and we’ve been hit with a couple of major snowstorms over the last two weeks. Even though I was really hoping (actually, praying) for a NON-white Christmas (does that make me sound like a scrooge?), I think the white stuff is finally here to stay! Sometimes I swear that I was born on the wrong continent because my body really isn’t made for this weather! When it’s winter, I literally feel the chill deep down in my bones, and I avoid being outside and any type of outdoor activity like the plague!

I got this parka from Quartz Co., which is a Canadian company I just learned about. Now that I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks, I don’t think I can survive winter without it! I’d never owned a parka before, partly because I wanted to save for a good quality one and partly because there wasn’t ever really a need for one. But, since I now live and work in downtown Toronto, a warm coat is a must! For whatever reason, people seem to think we don’t need parkas in the city and that they’re more of a fashion statement. But, don’t let all those tall buildings in downtown Toronto fool you. We actually get some pretty chilly air rolling in from lake Ontario. I’ve also heard that this winter is going to be one of the coldest on record, so the timing of this parka couldn’t have been better!

In terms of choosing the right Quartz Co. parka for me, it was a tough call between the Fermont, the Kimberly, and the Elia. But, I landed on the Fermont because I wanted something that was full length, yet had a slim fit (but not too slim, because I still have to fit my chunky knits underneath and will likely gain a couple pounds from all the Christmas eating!). I prefer classic and timeless styles, and all of the Quartz Co. parkas are premium coats that you can wear for many seasons. I’ve also said many times in the past that I’m a huge supporter of buying local. So I was very happy to learn that Quartz Co. is a Canadian company and all of the parkas are made in Canada!

What I absolutely love about the Fermont is that it keeps my ENTIRE body warm, including my neck! We’ve had extreme cold weather warnings this past week, so I’m very impressed by the performance and durability of this parka! It’s down-filled and has fur around the trim, and I can totally feel the difference that wearing these materials makes. I’ve been wearing this exclusively in the city (which has been like a winter wonderland anyway), but this would obviously be suitable for other landscapes.

If you haven’t already bought something for your loved for Christmas (and you’re a last minute shopper, like me), this would be the perfect gift! Speaking of the holidays, what does everyone have planned?

Parka: Quartz Co.; Jeans: Zara (similar here and here); Sweater: Wilfred Free (similar here and here); Boots: Zara (similar here and here); Toque/Beanie: Rudsak

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