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Hi Friends!

I know it’s been almost 2 months since we said “I do” and I still haven’t shared a single blog post on our wedding day with you. My apologies, but we wanted to take a looong break from anything wedding related after we got married. The months leading up to the big day were some of the busiest and craziest of my entire life; and needless to say, we were suffering from (over-)exhaustion afterwards. I was also trying to think of the best way to share our wedding story and moments with you, and have been going back and forth in my head with regards to approach. But, I realize the best way is to just dive right in and show you!

Over the weekend, our wedding photographer, Shlomi Amiga, shared our full wedding gallery with us. We had been waiting with bated breath to see the photos, and it was perfect timing on Shlomi’s part because this is the exact spark I needed to sit down and put a post together for you! Shlomi is one of the best photojournalists and we are so pleased with his work! He has a clear style that is not your typical ‘ethereal’ wedding photo. We specifically sought after and chose him for this style. We wanted something different and to see the story of our wedding day unfold through our wedding photos, rather than look back on a series of staged moments. Glancing through our wedding gallery immediately brought back all the memories and emotions from our special day – the nerves, the laughing, the crying, and the joy. It was all perfectly documented through his lens.

I can’t tell you how difficult it was to narrow down to our favourite moments for this blog post. I’ll be sharing our wedding day in a series of 3 blog posts, so I’ll be able to show you more in the next two posts and will include all of the details. You can also check out Shlomi’s blog for more, but for now I’ll just let the pictures do the talking!


Made to measure suit by Thomas Henry Made Last minute make-up touch-ups Popping our first bottle for the day for mimosas! Valentino rock studs as my wedding shoes Alex reading my letter to him My letter brought tears to his eyes Admiring my dress from Kleinfeld Canada Team Lextle shirts we had made for our wedding party Getting things started with mimosas Alex getting his suspenders on My bridesmaid, Michelle, zipping me up Alex adjusting his cuff links All the little details My bestie, Zamreen, putting my shoes on Alex is all ready! Video on my phone on how to bustle the dress Pocket squares in periwinkle Ready for my close-up! In the beautiful financial district of Toronto What a stud! Bride and her bitches Photo ops can be anywhere So much fun with these girls on our wedding day Sharp Alex walking right by the limo while I was inside, before our first look Sneak attack Brought to tears for our first look Lovely ladies Pose, boys Sweet moments Candid moments with my maids Head to toe Walked down the aisle by mom and dad on our wedding day Innocence and Preoccupation Beautiful Archway and Hanging Installation made by Threads & Blooms Making it official! Family Moments after we said "I do" Dortok Family Four Sisters Ng-A-Mann Clan Exploring the financial district on our wedding day Outside of Design Exchange The beautiful staircase at Design Exchange Raise your glass! Love you!!! Choreographed dance for our first dance Belly dancer Fascinated How the bottom of my dress got ripped in a million places Juxtapositioning between old and young Our wedding day wouldn't be complete without popsicles and ice cream! Bust a move, boys! But first, let me take a selfie! Doing an impression of our friend's famous dance Glowsticks on the ground at the end of the night

Special thanks to Shlomi Amiga and Niv Shimson for these beautiful candid moments!