If you read my last style post, you’d already know how I feel about the fall. Another thing that I detest about this time of year is that the days are so much shorter. I wake up in the morning and it’s still pitch black, and the same goes for when I leave work in the afternoon. Plus, there are so many rainy and gloomy days; it’s really depressing.

Because our place faces north and we have no windows to the east and west, we have never typically gotten a lot of natural sunlight coming into our home. So, I recently picked up a new floor lamp from one of my favourite furniture stores, and at the same time, I decided to look into LED light bulbs as an alternative to our incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Since I bought my loft a little over 3 years ago, I’ve changed more light bulbs than I can remember, which has caused countless trips to the hardware store (not ideal for a lazy person, like me). And, with winter just around the corner, and greater reliance on our furnace and lights, my fiancé and I have been looking for ways to reduce our electricity bill.

We discovered the GE reveal LED light bulbs while shopping online and decided to give them a try. The GE reveal LEDs are available online and in-store at various Canadian retailers. They come in different wattages, so we were able to replace all of the old bulbs in our living room, bedroom, and bathroom. They’re extremely energy efficient. One 16 watt GE reveal bulb can replace a 100 watt incandescent bulb, and has a life span of 15,000 hours. That’s about 13-15 years of use, as compared to only 1,200 hours (200-400 days) from a 100 watt incandescent. We’ve also noticed that the light coming from the reveal LED bulbs is a lot cleaner and purer than the light that used to come from our old bulbs – it really makes the colours on things pop. The extra brightness is especially helpful for reading, doing my make-up, and actually being able to see my clothes in the morning when I’m getting dressed!


We also learned that the Ontario government has a number of incentives available to home and business owners for becoming more energy efficient, including rebates which are available on the Save on Energy website.

We’re really happy we made the switch over to the GE reveal LEDs and are looking forward to lower electricity bills over the next few months! Have you considered switching to LEDs around your house? We think it’s a really bright (haha, get it?) idea!